Commercial version of RODEM unveiled in Tokyo

tmsuk unveiled the commercial version of their mobility robot, RODEM, on the 20th November in Tokyo, Japan.  RODEM is a newashing hands wheelchairw style of electric wheelchair that the users ride like a horse rather than sit in like the traditional chairs.  To get on to the RODEM you just slide forward from your bed/chair to the RODEM without twisting your back, making the transfer safer and enabling more people to get in and out of the chair without a carer than traditional wheelchairs. The RODEM has been underdevelopment since 2009 and tmsuk has created several prototypes (see gallery for pictures of the prototypes). The new version has several updates from the prototypes, including the sleek new design and improved suspension.  The joystick control has been moved to the centre of the vehicle so it is easy to use for both right and left handers.

The RODEM will be exhibited at the International Robot Expo, in Tokyo (29th November – 2nd December, 2017). If you are in the area, I highly recommend a visit to the NEDO stand where you will have the opportunity to test out one of our new mobility vehicles.

tmsuk Co. Ltd, has already signed up a distributer in Japan, CBC Co. Ltd. and we are starting to look for distributers here in the UK and in other countries in Europe.

tmsuk’s RODEM enables a safer transfer from beds and chairs, as you get on and off by sliding from one surface the other supporting yourself on the air rests.

The adjustable seat height enables the user to sit a tables of various heights and, along with the chest support, to reach further.

The new RODEM will be on sale in the UK in spring next year.

Watch this space for updates.

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