About tmsuk UK Ltd.

Company Summary

Company name: tmsuk UK Ltd
Founded: October 2016
CEO: Ms. Asuka Takamoto
Chairman: Mr. Yoichi Takamoto
Registered address: tmsuk UK, Future Space, UWE North Gate, Filton Road, Stoke Gifford, Bristol, BS34 8RB
Tel: +44 (0) 117 428 5742
Directions: https://www.futurespacebristol.co.uk/directions-bristol/
Parent company: tmsuk Co. Ltd
Parent company address: Head Office: 465, Eguchi, Munakata-City, Fukuoka,811-3502 JAPAN

About tmsuk UK Robotics, based at Future Space Bristol. Pictured Rodem
tmsuk UK CEO on RODEM prototype

tmsuk UK Ltd and tmsuk co. Ltd.

tmsuk UK Ltd is a subsidiary of Japanese practical robotics manufacturer, tmsuk co. Ltd. tmsuk UK was set up to promote the sales of tmsuk robots in the UK and the rest of Europe, alongside developing the new research collaborations in Europe.

tmsuk UK set up their first office at Future Space on the University of West of England’s Frenchay campus, in May 2017.
Initially, the new company will mainly be promoting the new robotic wheelchair, RODEM, which will be launched in Summer 2019, and developing new research partnerships with universities and companies in the UK.

Tmsuk Co. Ltd, founded in 2000, in Munakata, Japan, creates practical robots that can enhance people’s lives. They have created many robots in the healthcare, mobility, security and service industries. They opened a subsidiary in the UK to bring their technical know-how to the UK to develop robotic products that will enable people to do more.

tmsuk Co. Ltd. has another subsidiary in Taiwan, tmsuk Formosa. The mass manufacture of tmsuk robots will be carried out here.