Other Robots


Tmsuk’s home security robot ‘roborior’ was our first mass produced product, launched in 2005.

ROBORIOR’s name is derived from ‘Robot’ and ‘Interior’.
It has digital camera, infrared sensors and videophone capability to notify you of intruders while you are away from home.

It can be remote controlled with a phone, sense break-ins using infrared sensors and notify homeowners by calling their cell phones and sending video from its camera.


roborior Tmsuk’s home security robot

T-53 Enryu

T-53 Enryu is a rescue robot “T-53 ENRYU” launched in 2007. It is the third generation of the rescue robot that was created to go carry out rescue work in places where rescue workers cannot go, for example after an earthquake.

Tmsuk worked together with the Japanese fire department to develop T-53. It is more compact than the previous rescue machines, has improved maneuverability and it can be remotely controlled to keep operators safe.

The T-53 has assisted in recovery efforts after major earthquakes in Japan.

TMSUK Robotics – Some of our ‘other’ robots