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We are a subsidiary of tmsuk, one of Japan’s robotics company. tmsuk UK and tmsuk is continuing to research, develop and build on its range of innovative robots that are aimed at providing positive benefit to peoples lives.

Benefiting people, governments and businesses

tmsuk wish to bring their robotic technology to the UK and Europe to create useful products for enhancing people’s lives.
tmsuk UK was set up to market tmsuk’s new form of mobility product called, RODEM, to the UK and European market and to develop new partners for research and development.

Rodem robotics electric wheelchair mobility aid


tmsuk’s mobility aid – RODEM

Dentaroid Robot , Dental Robot


Dental simulator robot – Dentaroid

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A Brief History of TMSUK

Twenty years ago, tmsuk developed its first service-oriented robot in Fukuoka. Today, tmsuk work with universities, companies and research institutions to develop robots that includes; rescue robots, receptionist robots , electric wheelchairs, and patient simulators

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